The donkey ride

           Men with patience and insistence find their way, they could simply survive. A patient man is one with strategy. In my terms that’s for granted and every rule has its limitations. People have common sense, it is only a matter of having a sense of meditations to realize that. “I am so wise”, people clime that to be true about themselves and we blaming anyone would be unwise. The secret for Blanchard & Miller made sense, Common sense for Pain was painful, Meditations for Marcuse was thoughtful and patient, no comment on Darwin’s One Natural Selection, Pappe wrote The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine and he is Jewish, Robert Fisk and the War For Civilization recorded history from his perspective, Darweesh’s chosen’s were patriotic, those and much more were books I read but the donkey ride was something else.        

            A patient man sitting on the shot gun chair right next to the driver “the donkey driver of course” has the chance to meditate and use common sense with the donkey driver “the first man to smell and see behind releases”. After I have realized common sense in me I remembered the donkey ride while meditating the unhealthy international relations in the world. “I would love to select” everyone wants to do so and no matter the power nations reach to, natures selection remains the most powerful. They were powerful inside, Martin Luther King, Gandhi,  and Nelson Mandela (Rolihlahla); I realized that while reading their bibliography and again the donkey ride was even better.

            Making no sense while speaking about common sense doesn’t seem healthy, only a patient man could understand. Delivering a message from a language to another in its simplest forms is translation. I would recommend that you try to understand international relations by simply asking the donkey driver. A wise man would start learning the alphabets of a new language first, then build words, and then make sentences might he make sense. An ordinary citizen sitting on the couch in his living room watching the news in any country you choose would most likely think that the gust is speaking bull shit. Therefore, the gust is unhealthy because he is senseless, that is from peoples perspective. If the donkey driver was the gust people out there would have understood, that makes sense because the so called intelligent was senseless.  

            Apart from the nonsense up there although it is common sense, here is the donkey ride story. In Gaza the Taxi driver picks passengers from the road side and each passenger pays for his single seat in the taxi, that is how it simply works. During rush hours a passenger would have to wait sometimes up to thirty minutes. If you are in a place where no active movement exists you might as well walk. Yes, in Gaza there are places with no active movement although Gaza is the smallest spot in the world with most population but that is not the point. I was once on the Street side stopping a taxi, I had only waited for five minutes and I am not in a hurry when a cart pulled by a donkey passed me. The donkey driver was a man with an un shaved spiky beard and a wearied hat on his head. As the donkey walked across me the man looked at me and proposed to give me a ride, my immediate reaction was “no thank you”. It was night time, a bit cold, and the car movement decreased and with the man insisting I rode shot gun. My head started to pick up thoughts, I first thought the man wanted company since the ride will take him 20 minutes then I hoped I waited for another five minutes and saved time but anyway it matters less now since I’m on board. He spoke all the way. Men like him would want to prove intelligence to a man like me “well dressed”, that is from their perspective, although, how a man dresses has nothing to do with intelligence.  Half way he asked me how much I pay from where he picked me to my destination, I told him two NIS and our talk continued. Minutes before I arrive he told me that he has no change so if I didn’t have exactly two NIS I would have to go get change so I went brought two drinks and gave the man two NIS and I paid four NIS to the shop keeper so overall it cost me six NIS.

            Simplicity is a treasure, patience is a treasure, complication is bull waste, and politics is the art of lying. He first offered a ride so the first thing that come to mind was “he wanted company”. He didn’t do me a favor because I paid triple the price, spent triple the time, suffered triple the cold, and he was in a win win win position “the donkey driver”.  People are all about interest, and international relations are all about common interest, Naomi Chomsky said that to me while replying to a question I asked during a video conference. I got off the cart and my back was hurting because I sat on a board not a chair, as I walked across the street I turned around and the man looked me in the eye and smiles that smile meaning (I fooled you). He is a man of strategy in its most simple forms. The details of a complicated issue may not be understood but the main point is clear to all people, even to the “donkey driver”. If someone understands more it is simply because they know more details.

            Starting with patience and insistence, made me think about ending with silence and intelligence for the exact same reason, survival. All kind of people survive, the patient, the angry, the wise, the stubborn, the ethical, the selfish, the poor, the random, and the silent. Some survive low, other survive proud. The donkey driver in your terms could be a low survivor but I would give a chance of proud survival for a wise man. From peoples perspective high and low does not matter because people are the worst judges especially those that have no sense of meditations. If you are able to break down an equation to look at the basic components “not in chemistry, but in life generally”, you are a wise man if you could meditate and explain the complication of that equation to the donkey driver that understands the main broad idea. Most important “don’t let the donkey driver fool you”.






My Simple Words

            We have always been asked about our career and what we wanted to be when we grow up, the answer would always be a doctor, teacher, engineer, an astronomer, or in some cases the presidents of our countries. Now the case is different, because when I am asked that question, I would usually say I’m not quite sure, that was back in middle school. I was more positive and reasonable in high school especially after studying eleventh grade in the U.S as an exchange student, so my answer would be something related to international studies, which lead me to be a student of business at the university. However, and to say the truth, after I had graduated my only answer would be “I want to find a job and put my education into work and benefit from it”. I did work a bit before and after graduation in my field, and continued to follow up with the Institute for Development and studies (IDS), the place I did my internship. I did translation related to international finance and in the field of business in general, in addition to engaging in project proposal writing, and project implementation. My passion goes way beyond having a simple job, and this is not feeling better, rather a feeling of passion and will to serve my country. In my point of view that happens by reaching to high positions internationally.

             I have always lived to listen rather than speak, I watched and I kept in mind, a strategy I have adapted after touching its benefits, a way that enables its adapter to avoid falling, and I believe this is something positive for someone willing to be a student of international Affairs. My father took a scholarship to finish his PHD in the UK and there I learned, especially culture. Egypt is the neighbor that we have to pass to reach our destination, there I also learned. Best of which was an academic year in the US as a YES student, the (YES) is a scholarship granted by the US department of state and there I learned more than just culture. China was a turning point for me, as I went to represent Palestine as a swimmer, there was the school of economics, respect, management, environment, and much more. As if it was a teacher, the war on Gaza taught me public finance as I studied the subject in theory at my university. After all that I reached to a point where I started to read and write and as a result I blogged and still that was not enough so I decided to master International Affairs, that had always been a set goal for me.

                    My childhood and college life was not concentrated in one place like most people. That was the source that attracted my educational direction to international Affairs. My goal is to engage in a professional masters of Public Policy or (Political Science) and international affairs program with professional educators that engage in decision making regarding international affairs themselves, or those aware of real reasons behind decisions made that effect the whole world. I personally believe that my benefit to the community will be great when graduating with Masters and after that holding a PHD where my educational journey will not stop. I am a 2012 Fulbright nominee and this program will take me to the USA where I will get my Masters. I believe that the United States is the center and the main international Player and decision maker in the world. To me this education has to be as simple as (if you want to do pilgrimage you go to Makah, and you might as well study international Affairs in the US). I believe that the place of education has relation to type of education.

            My future is in Gaza. As people always say that there is no future in Gaza, I always tell myself “if that’s true, knowing it’s not, I will build a future in Gaza for myself”. Living with a big dream implies being patient, and moving forward step by step with concentration. I have once been to Pennsylvania; I think returning back to the same place for the same mission will be another success story for me to talk about.


A secret of survival
it’s a bless from God
It’s a gift we had
It’s a grace from the Al Mighty
From the lights of birth
To the darkness of death
Forgive & forget.
That’s if you want to live

But hay listen up
From camp to camp
I moved with my family
& our camps alleyways
I memorize in me
& how could I forget …
When my innocence was faced with hate
& I was only 10

Forgive they tell me
Forget they tell me
Alive they want me
But this is what I say

They took my most wanted army suet
& I was beat
I cant forget a fist in my face
And a kick on my back
Them giants were black
Or maybe painted black
Them giants were afraid
I swear to God
and I am glad

Forgive they tell me
Forget they tell me
Alive they want me
But this is what I say

As the tone of their voice rose up
& they were in a motion of a hustle up
& in a scene of action the crime tool showed up
I saw the finger on the trigger
I know God is a monitor
But still I was afraid
I know they wouldn’t hesitate to clip
Even if someone saw them
No one would dare to chip

Forgive they tell me
Forget they tell me
Alive they want me
But this is what I say

observe the wise and be one
look at your reflection
it is full of corruption
fear is a delusion
forget puny reputation
now’s a different equation
& there’s been an elimination
of the illusion
& 60 years of occupation
will reach finalization

People are now fed up
& Palestine got up
So you listen up
We dare now to clip
our clip won’t kill like yours
Our clip would only make a noise
And people would hear
And your crimes will appear
And that is what you fear
So don’t think to try us over and over
We got over fear

Forgive they tell me
Forget they tell me
Alive they want me
But this is what I say

We are not dreaming … NEVER
We will stand ….. FOR EVER
& your existence will be …… NEVER
& Palestine will be …… FOR EVER

& hay listen up
From camp to camp
I moved with my family
& our camps alleyways
I memorize in me
& how could I forget …
When my innocence was faced with hate
& I was only 10
They took my most wanted army suet
& I was beat
I cant forget a fist in my face
& a kick on my back
Them giants were black
Or maybe painted black
Them giants were afraid
I swear to God
and I am glad

Forgive they tell me
Forget they tell me
Alive they want me
But this is what I say

You consumed us by fire,
And your consumed by fear.
And this is what I tell you
yes your Araid
because you deny the truth
because you have stolen the land
& what you did with man kind
1982 will witness against you
2008 will witness against you
2009 will witness against you
Every day that passes .. will witness against you
And YES I guarantee you
Those dates will always haunt you
They’re only dates
They have nothing to loose
Not like Arab leaders they have chairs to loose
But now they lost it all.
I told u why before
And here we go again.

People are now fed up
And Arabs got up
So you listen up
they dare now to clip
their clip won’t kill like yours
their clip would only make a noise
& people would hear
& your crimes will appear
& that is what you fear
So don’t think to try them over and over
They got over fear

So listen to me and turn OFF
Don’t you Piss them OFF
You go Piss OFF

That’s where we belong
That’s our life
Those are our dreams come true
Those are your lies appearing
& everything you stand for
Turns on you despites you
This is our truth
& everything we stand for
We will always stand for.

& finally
Forget about eternity

By: A.B Migdad.

Meditations for Marcus Aurelius

when breezes touch, the soul is touched, the thought is too. People are different, and some scenes are special, only special people can live those moments.
Even if you’re special, you have to be lucid to live such scenes, so focus …

Fear the meek, the patient, and the wise. ‘Observe carefully what guides the acts of the wise, and what they shun or seek’. M.A

In the book (Meditations), I found reason and much more. The man supported my style in writing, this is my claim, otherwise I will adopt the style for it is a scores of attraction for those able to understand it of course.
Just for the record, my own words in this article are very few, most of the words are for Marcus Aurelius. I mean to do this to attract you to read the book.

His name in full was Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

‘In all u do or say or think, recollect that at any time the power of withdrawal from life is in your own hands. If gods exist, you have nothing to fear from mankind, for they will not let you come to harm’ M.A. This was from the first pages of the book, it is a piece of wisdom, every word is wise. Don’t waist your time, don’t kill your self for something that had past, be wise and do something good for what’s coming. ‘Our loss, therefore, is limited to that one fleeting instant, since no one can loose what is already past, nor yet what is still to come – for how can he be deprived of what is still to come?’ M.A.

‘Thus to a man of sensitiveness and sufficiently deep insight into the workings of the universe, almost everything, even if it be no more than a by-product of something else, seems to add its mead of extra pleasure. such a man will view the grinning jaws of real lions and tigers as admiringly as he would an artist or sculptures imitation of them; and the eye of discretion will enable him to see the mature charm that belongs to men and women in old ages, as well as the seductive bloom that is youths. Things of this sort will not appeal to everyone; he alone who had cultivated a real intimacy with nature and here works will be stuck by them’. M.A

People with deep insight that keep secrets, if revealed wont be understood; such people could become most famous after their secrets are solved, but it matters less because they are dead. For that M.A says: ‘Or does the bubble reputation distract you? Keep before your eyes the swift onset of oblivion; and the abysses of eternity before us and behind; mark how hollow are the echoes of applause, how fickle and undiscerning the judgment of professed admirers, and how puny the arena of human fame’.

The book is all about meditations, and all the quotes below are for Marcus Aurelius:

‘Death, like birth, is one of natures secrets; the same elements that have been combined are then dispersed’.
‘Put from you the belief that “I have been wronged”, and with it will go the feeling’. The feeling of being guilty.
‘Reject your sense of injury , and the injury itself despairs’.
‘Do not copy the opinion of the arrogant, or let them dictate you own, but look at things in there true light’.
‘Have you reason? ‘I have.’ Then why not use it? If reason does its part, then what more could you ask?’
‘You have now to revert to the teachings of your creed, and to reverence for reason , and within a week those who now class you with monkeys will be calling you a god’.
‘When an impression forms assure yourself first of its certainty’.
‘Observe carefully what guides the acts of the wise, and what they shun or seek’.
‘For shame, that ignorance and vanity should prove stronger than wisdom’.
‘What is not harmful to the city, cannot harm the citizen’.
‘Can you fairly echo the poets lines, ‘never a harsh world, never an injustice to a single person?’
‘All that man set their hearts on in this life is vanity, corruption, and trash; men are like scuffling puppies, or quarrelsome children who are all smiles on one moment and in tears the next. Faith and decency, justice and truth are fled’.
‘To stand up, or be set up’.
‘Dig within, there lies the well-spring of good: ever dig; and it will ever flow’
‘The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing’.
‘A man does not sin by commission only, but often by omission’.
‘If a man makes a slip, admonish him gently and show him his mistake. If you fail to convince him, blame yourself, or blame nobody’.
‘Waste no time arguing what a good man should be, be one’.
‘you can soon become indifferent to the seduction of song or dance or athletic displays if you resolve the melody into its several notes, and ask yourself of each one in turn, ‘is it this that I cannot resist?’ you will flinch from admiring it do the same to each movement or attitude of the dancers, and similarly with the athletes. In short, save in the case of virtue and its implications, always remember to go straight for the parts them selves, and by dissecting these achieve your disenchantment. And now, transfer this method to life as a whole’.

Maximus in the (Gladiator) was the general for Marcus the emperor and the philosopher.Hear we could touch the strength of the words by looking at this picture. Read and you will find the connection.
This is a series of books that is worth having,this is as i suppose. Meditations was the first book i read, now i have an other one.
start with Meditationd and you wont stop.

You Don’t Have To Understand, But Its About Us

The beginning of a century folds up the one before. Times when people die and leave behind them poverty or ……. poverty. Some people speak about luck, others have faith, therefore have patience on destiny. By all means if the old were poor, then poverty is inherited, if the old were rich, then obscene wealth is inherited. I am confident saying that old and rich is elite.
Three, and in some cases four centuries and more weren’t enough to satisfy an ugly elite desire of being unjust to people, unfair to people that fell in the middle of complicated conflicting trends.

Times where people got to chose between: low or low, unjust or unjust, poor or needy, if those meanings didn’t literally exist, then the meaning behind them existed.
Generations handed other generations the routine, and acceptance of injustice. Everyone accepted to live low, few revolted, but they paid the price; it wasn’t much…….. ‘just their lives’.

The west beat the east in technology, weapon industry, and most important the art of lying and being fraud. but we beat them to means of freedom, real means of brotherhood, and real means of unity. …… I feel that I am lying to my self, but at least I would like that to be true.
I know u may be describing the few words above as non sense. That is true in your terms, because you may have never seen those meanings true between people. I would understand that because Gov. TV’s were there to put on dance shows and episodes that kill the truth, hypnotize people, and attract their attention away.
Its twenty eleven, those that had the power to show, are now being showed trailed, imprisoned, and in some cases threatened to be killed.
What a cycle, they climbed to the top, to end up … low …. low …. low.

If you understood that I meant ‘Arab dictators were the reason behind what was once described as “Arab retardation”‘, the phrase we used sometimes referring to ourselves. Arab dictators were a reason behind retardation, but Gods of this earth were enslaving people, and discriminating, making some high, and others low. If you understand that, than you understand. But more importantly God destined this, and now God destined for them to be low …. on by one.

Returning to freedom, how in the world did we beat the west in means of freedom!!!!.

They are free to dress, drink, sex, collect money, travel, and many other things; but they were never free to think outside the margins that were drawn to them. Only few go beyond the margins, that’s because they’re intelligent, once that happens, they become big players, become known thinkers, and they build wealth. This process that a thinker goes through is a higher level of seduction, a level that target people able to transcend on sex and parallels.

That’s them, now the other case is painful before being unethical, its us Arabs. In all aspects of our lives there are borders imposed on us, a sign of fear. For gods sake, we even build walls around our houses, the higher the better. In Palestine there are hundreds of check points that put limitations on freedom. In the Arab world, special laws are imposed especially on Palestinians, foreigners act with no limits. On top of all, poverty is a rough player that has no mercy, and subordination to the west in everything that is bad is a main stream. This applies to the Arab world, Palestine is a different case sometimes. Much more is to be said, but twenty eleven came with good.

All this happen while people in parts of Europe reach to obscene wealth, then commit suicide because they found no purpose for live. On the other hand we find purpose to live, the reason behind our patience on injustice, poverty, and the pain of subordination.
Dark decades of slow death, speed in poverty among majorities, and speed in wealth among the elite …. passed slowly. Today people chose to speed up the process of slow death, weather in the east or in the west. Westerns first took this path, and the east will follow.

Tunisia + lots of dead people = dictator done
Egypt + lots of dead people = dictator trailed
Libya + tens of thousands dead = Gadafi must be killed
Syria + more people must be killed = Al-asad might leave
Yemen + more people must die = Saleh might consider leaving.

I don’t know what’s up with the UK … but every reaction has a reason.

Sunrise to sunset

Depends on the hijre calendar, for that reason its fair for the entire human population, making each month of the year a different experience for people located in different areas in the world. It’s a time in the year where theirs a chance to wipe away all bad deeds and gain good. Such times are special for scholars to speak to people to prepare to be winners. News is carried by the young more than the older with full happiness and joy about precious days that come like a gust once a year spreading love, hop and joy. Those that feel it’s a heavy duty speak with shame and wish no one will hear them say: ” if only it would be postponed”.

Last night was a bless for the hole, quite a few are not comfortable, but it matters less because they don’t care, and their belief in the must that they are obliged to do is week or not founded at all. Last night people took a step forward getting closer to God with their prayers, closer to each other with smiles, blesses, gifts, and visits. Love spread, it was the only thing that would be smelled, or seen, the only thing the hearts and soles could sense.

Even if it is markets and shops that change the decors of the place to fulfill their desire to profit in such days, such decorative tables put people in a mood of change, and prepare them for the morning of every day throughout the month.

Its three in the morning, theirs active movement in the streets, surprising to those that have a habit of getting up at such times to pray. However, this is no surprise in such days. Questions rise in this period of time, why?, why people head to worship places now?, well, those are days of acceptance, days of prayers, days of forgiveness, and its an opportunity and opportunities are their to be advantaged.

Back to their homes from the morning prayers, its still dark, and there is still time, some sleep, and some wipe the dust off the holy book and read it until its time to go to work or school. The sun rises and starts to shine, its summer time and its hot, some people spend their day sleeping, waiting. Throughout the days of summer water consumption is more than in normal days, but today is quit different, no one is seen eat, drink, or smoke. All restaurants are closed, and if any is opened no one approaches them.

There are no police men on streets with sticks forbidding people to drink or eat in public !, but hay, even at home there is no one preparing for lunch!, is this some kind of punishment?, people are hungry and thirsty, and that’s quit clear on their faces. However, by the end of the, close to the sunset, while wondering in the streets all kind of food is smelled, all the people are cooking, the restaurants start working, and the people out buying, but still no one would put any thing in their mouth.

Very thin, what is left from the sun is a very thin line that is barley seen, with absolutely no movement on the streets which is very unusual. Absolutely no noise, and all of a sudden some thing calls with loud speakers from every place, and its all the same words spoken at once, and suddenly stops. About half an hour passes before people start getting out of their homes, children are heard with joyful voices yelling and playing and at that same time fire works start lighting the sky, and on goes the month and from today starts the count down.

That’s the one two three of the hole month.

Written on August, 2010

AB Migdad.

أسطوره بناء

أسطوره بناء 

يشرق الدمع على ضفاف الجفون, جفون الرجال الذين كانوا نتاج بناء ذالك العظيم المتواضع, الشاكر الصابر. لم اعرفه حقا إلا عندما أصر على الفراق, واختار البقاء. أشرق الدمع, فوقفت أتمايل برأسي يمينه و يسره, تكاثر الدمع على الجفن, أصبح ثقيلا, لم تستطع العين احتواءه فسقطت دمعه و تلتها دمعه. كان أول وداع حقيقي, و كان أول لقاء حقيقي مع رجل نائم كما يصفه الصغار. من هناك أحضروه إلى الغرفة التي غسلوه فيها, في بيته الذي بناه, في الطابق الأول, حيث نام ولم يحرك ساكنا و هو الرجل الذي وقف على قدميه حتى آخر يوم, تساءلت كيف؟. لم يعرفه الناس إلا صاحب فضل, و لا متفضل عليه إلا الله. وقفت على باب تلك الغرفة التي ما ابتعدت عنا إلا عندما ابتعد. وقفت و شوق اللقاء يغمرني, و أنا الذي لم أفارقه, فكيف اشتاق!.

فتحت الغرفة, كان الكل ينتظر, و الكل مشتاق, و العيون ملئي بالدموع شوقا, لم اسمع صراخا وإنما أصوات أنفاس الحضور تخرج من القلوب حبا, كنت أول من دخل الغرفة و قبل رأس الرجل الذي ما عاش لنفسه بل للآخرين. رفعت رأسي فوجدت قوما كلهم أقربائي, أما إبراهيم فأبونا جميعا.       

قليله هي الكلمات التي أخذت في القلب حيزا, كلمات علمتني ما لم أكن لأتعلمه في مدارس و جامعت أخذت من عمر عمرا. كلمات تكلمنها أرحام إبراهيم, قلوبهن كن المنبع; أما العيون, فذرفت دمعات حزن ممزوجة بفرحه لقاء أحباب غيبوا لأكثر من عقد من الزمان. و يداها تمسح على رأسه الذي ملء الدار نورا وبركه, و عيناها تذرف دمعات حزن و فرح, و الجميع واقفون و يجهلون الهوية, كيف لا وسنين الفراق تجاوز عقد الزمان, قالت:”أنا التي تيتمت مرتين” , أنا فلانة يا عمتي, و كان الله في عون العمة, لم يبقى من نسل حسين إلا هي. و الأخرى وقفت داعية للذي لم يقطعها, أما أنا, فوقفت أصغى إلي كلام تنطق به القلوب, تمنيت أن أكون إبراهيم, كنت خائف من الذي أتمناه ولكن عظمه الموقف أعظم من أن يفوت لبيب.

في صباح ذات اليوم, ذهبت, و كنت واحد من عشره, إلى الشرقية التي وري فيها الشقيق أحمد.  ذهبت لأصنع لإبراهيم ما صنعت لأحمد, ولكن كان ذالك الرجل العجوز, قام هو بالمهمة, أما نحن, حاولنا مره, و مرتين, ولكن لم نستطع. عدنا إلى البيت, وقفت أمام البناء, في هذه اللحظة لم أعرف قريبا ولا بعيدا إلا وقد حضر, حضر للقاء, وحضر للوداع. في مسجد الرحمة في الجنوب كانت آخر لحظات الوداع, لم يعهد المسجد مثل هذه الجمعة. وقف الخطيب فإذا به أحد التلاميذ, كان لبنه بناء أسطوري, لم تخلو خطبته من الدعاء لذالك الرجل النحيف, خفيف الوزن, راجح العقل, عظيم العمل.

عاده ما تحضر الحافلات الكبيرة في الأفراح لنقل المهنئين, ولكن في التاسع و العشرون من يوليو, وقفت حافلتان على باب الرحمة, فعجبت!, لمن هذه؟. خرج معظم من صلى في الرحمة, امتلأت الحافلات, المركبات, و غيرها من وسائل المواصلات, ليشاركوا في وداع الرجل, صاحب الفضل. سار الموكب, وصل أوله إلى الشرقية و لم يبعد آخره عن الرحمة. هذا مشهد واحد من مشاهد الكرامة, و غيرها كثير.

كنت من الذين ركبوا مع إبراهيم, نقود الموكب, حاولت أن أري آخر المكب, ولكن العظمة حالت بيني و بين مرادي, فتوجهت أنضاري إلى من حولي, كان الصمت يسود, أما عيونهم, فمثقله بالدموع, لم يتخلف احد رغم الحر الشديد, أما العيون المثقلة بالدموع, يغطيها أصحابها, و لكنى كنت أرى الحزن ظاهر على القلوب.

رجع الجميع في الاتجاه الشمالي الغربي من الشرقية, أما الجد الحبيب, ضل لينام ليلته الأولى وحيدا هناك. وتبقى إشراقه الدمع فوق جفونهم, و أقدامهم تخطوا خطاها مغادره المكان الذي سننام فيه جميعنا إن عاجلا أم آجلا. أما هو, فنام بسلام, وترك خلفه سلاما و حبا, ونحن المساكين, مازلنا نلهف خلف المتاعب, أو ربما خلاف هذا.

اللهم اغفر له و ارحمه برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين, اللهم تجاوز عنه, اللهم غسله بالماء و الثلج و البرد, اللهم اجعل مثواه الجنة, اللهم وباعد بينه وبين النار, اللهم ألطف به, اللهم اجمعنا به في الجنة.

اللهم صلى و سلم و بارك على النبي الأعظم و على آله و صحبه و سلم تسليما كثيرا.