Depends on the hijre calendar, for that reason its fair for the entire human population, making each month of the year a different experience for people located in different areas in the world. It’s a time in the year where theirs a chance to wipe away all bad deeds and gain good. Such times are special for scholars to speak to people to prepare to be winners. News is carried by the young more than the older with full happiness and joy about precious days that come like a gust once a year spreading love, hop and joy. Those that feel it’s a heavy duty speak with shame and wish no one will hear them say: ” if only it would be postponed”.

Last night was a bless for the hole, quite a few are not comfortable, but it matters less because they don’t care, and their belief in the must that they are obliged to do is week or not founded at all. Last night people took a step forward getting closer to God with their prayers, closer to each other with smiles, blesses, gifts, and visits. Love spread, it was the only thing that would be smelled, or seen, the only thing the hearts and soles could sense.

Even if it is markets and shops that change the decors of the place to fulfill their desire to profit in such days, such decorative tables put people in a mood of change, and prepare them for the morning of every day throughout the month.

Its three in the morning, theirs active movement in the streets, surprising to those that have a habit of getting up at such times to pray. However, this is no surprise in such days. Questions rise in this period of time, why?, why people head to worship places now?, well, those are days of acceptance, days of prayers, days of forgiveness, and its an opportunity and opportunities are their to be advantaged.

Back to their homes from the morning prayers, its still dark, and there is still time, some sleep, and some wipe the dust off the holy book and read it until its time to go to work or school. The sun rises and starts to shine, its summer time and its hot, some people spend their day sleeping, waiting. Throughout the days of summer water consumption is more than in normal days, but today is quit different, no one is seen eat, drink, or smoke. All restaurants are closed, and if any is opened no one approaches them.

There are no police men on streets with sticks forbidding people to drink or eat in public !, but hay, even at home there is no one preparing for lunch!, is this some kind of punishment?, people are hungry and thirsty, and that’s quit clear on their faces. However, by the end of the, close to the sunset, while wondering in the streets all kind of food is smelled, all the people are cooking, the restaurants start working, and the people out buying, but still no one would put any thing in their mouth.

Very thin, what is left from the sun is a very thin line that is barley seen, with absolutely no movement on the streets which is very unusual. Absolutely no noise, and all of a sudden some thing calls with loud speakers from every place, and its all the same words spoken at once, and suddenly stops. About half an hour passes before people start getting out of their homes, children are heard with joyful voices yelling and playing and at that same time fire works start lighting the sky, and on goes the month and from today starts the count down.

That’s the one two three of the hole month.

Written on August, 2010

AB Migdad.