The beginning of a century folds up the one before. Times when people die and leave behind them poverty or ……. poverty. Some people speak about luck, others have faith, therefore have patience on destiny. By all means if the old were poor, then poverty is inherited, if the old were rich, then obscene wealth is inherited. I am confident saying that old and rich is elite.
Three, and in some cases four centuries and more weren’t enough to satisfy an ugly elite desire of being unjust to people, unfair to people that fell in the middle of complicated conflicting trends.

Times where people got to chose between: low or low, unjust or unjust, poor or needy, if those meanings didn’t literally exist, then the meaning behind them existed.
Generations handed other generations the routine, and acceptance of injustice. Everyone accepted to live low, few revolted, but they paid the price; it wasn’t much…….. ‘just their lives’.

The west beat the east in technology, weapon industry, and most important the art of lying and being fraud. but we beat them to means of freedom, real means of brotherhood, and real means of unity. …… I feel that I am lying to my self, but at least I would like that to be true.
I know u may be describing the few words above as non sense. That is true in your terms, because you may have never seen those meanings true between people. I would understand that because Gov. TV’s were there to put on dance shows and episodes that kill the truth, hypnotize people, and attract their attention away.
Its twenty eleven, those that had the power to show, are now being showed trailed, imprisoned, and in some cases threatened to be killed.
What a cycle, they climbed to the top, to end up … low …. low …. low.

If you understood that I meant ‘Arab dictators were the reason behind what was once described as “Arab retardation”‘, the phrase we used sometimes referring to ourselves. Arab dictators were a reason behind retardation, but Gods of this earth were enslaving people, and discriminating, making some high, and others low. If you understand that, than you understand. But more importantly God destined this, and now God destined for them to be low …. on by one.

Returning to freedom, how in the world did we beat the west in means of freedom!!!!.

They are free to dress, drink, sex, collect money, travel, and many other things; but they were never free to think outside the margins that were drawn to them. Only few go beyond the margins, that’s because they’re intelligent, once that happens, they become big players, become known thinkers, and they build wealth. This process that a thinker goes through is a higher level of seduction, a level that target people able to transcend on sex and parallels.

That’s them, now the other case is painful before being unethical, its us Arabs. In all aspects of our lives there are borders imposed on us, a sign of fear. For gods sake, we even build walls around our houses, the higher the better. In Palestine there are hundreds of check points that put limitations on freedom. In the Arab world, special laws are imposed especially on Palestinians, foreigners act with no limits. On top of all, poverty is a rough player that has no mercy, and subordination to the west in everything that is bad is a main stream. This applies to the Arab world, Palestine is a different case sometimes. Much more is to be said, but twenty eleven came with good.

All this happen while people in parts of Europe reach to obscene wealth, then commit suicide because they found no purpose for live. On the other hand we find purpose to live, the reason behind our patience on injustice, poverty, and the pain of subordination.
Dark decades of slow death, speed in poverty among majorities, and speed in wealth among the elite …. passed slowly. Today people chose to speed up the process of slow death, weather in the east or in the west. Westerns first took this path, and the east will follow.

Tunisia + lots of dead people = dictator done
Egypt + lots of dead people = dictator trailed
Libya + tens of thousands dead = Gadafi must be killed
Syria + more people must be killed = Al-asad might leave
Yemen + more people must die = Saleh might consider leaving.

I don’t know what’s up with the UK … but every reaction has a reason.