when breezes touch, the soul is touched, the thought is too. People are different, and some scenes are special, only special people can live those moments.
Even if you’re special, you have to be lucid to live such scenes, so focus …

Fear the meek, the patient, and the wise. ‘Observe carefully what guides the acts of the wise, and what they shun or seek’. M.A

In the book (Meditations), I found reason and much more. The man supported my style in writing, this is my claim, otherwise I will adopt the style for it is a scores of attraction for those able to understand it of course.
Just for the record, my own words in this article are very few, most of the words are for Marcus Aurelius. I mean to do this to attract you to read the book.

His name in full was Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

‘In all u do or say or think, recollect that at any time the power of withdrawal from life is in your own hands. If gods exist, you have nothing to fear from mankind, for they will not let you come to harm’ M.A. This was from the first pages of the book, it is a piece of wisdom, every word is wise. Don’t waist your time, don’t kill your self for something that had past, be wise and do something good for what’s coming. ‘Our loss, therefore, is limited to that one fleeting instant, since no one can loose what is already past, nor yet what is still to come – for how can he be deprived of what is still to come?’ M.A.

‘Thus to a man of sensitiveness and sufficiently deep insight into the workings of the universe, almost everything, even if it be no more than a by-product of something else, seems to add its mead of extra pleasure. such a man will view the grinning jaws of real lions and tigers as admiringly as he would an artist or sculptures imitation of them; and the eye of discretion will enable him to see the mature charm that belongs to men and women in old ages, as well as the seductive bloom that is youths. Things of this sort will not appeal to everyone; he alone who had cultivated a real intimacy with nature and here works will be stuck by them’. M.A

People with deep insight that keep secrets, if revealed wont be understood; such people could become most famous after their secrets are solved, but it matters less because they are dead. For that M.A says: ‘Or does the bubble reputation distract you? Keep before your eyes the swift onset of oblivion; and the abysses of eternity before us and behind; mark how hollow are the echoes of applause, how fickle and undiscerning the judgment of professed admirers, and how puny the arena of human fame’.

The book is all about meditations, and all the quotes below are for Marcus Aurelius:

‘Death, like birth, is one of natures secrets; the same elements that have been combined are then dispersed’.
‘Put from you the belief that “I have been wronged”, and with it will go the feeling’. The feeling of being guilty.
‘Reject your sense of injury , and the injury itself despairs’.
‘Do not copy the opinion of the arrogant, or let them dictate you own, but look at things in there true light’.
‘Have you reason? ‘I have.’ Then why not use it? If reason does its part, then what more could you ask?’
‘You have now to revert to the teachings of your creed, and to reverence for reason , and within a week those who now class you with monkeys will be calling you a god’.
‘When an impression forms assure yourself first of its certainty’.
‘Observe carefully what guides the acts of the wise, and what they shun or seek’.
‘For shame, that ignorance and vanity should prove stronger than wisdom’.
‘What is not harmful to the city, cannot harm the citizen’.
‘Can you fairly echo the poets lines, ‘never a harsh world, never an injustice to a single person?’
‘All that man set their hearts on in this life is vanity, corruption, and trash; men are like scuffling puppies, or quarrelsome children who are all smiles on one moment and in tears the next. Faith and decency, justice and truth are fled’.
‘To stand up, or be set up’.
‘Dig within, there lies the well-spring of good: ever dig; and it will ever flow’
‘The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing’.
‘A man does not sin by commission only, but often by omission’.
‘If a man makes a slip, admonish him gently and show him his mistake. If you fail to convince him, blame yourself, or blame nobody’.
‘Waste no time arguing what a good man should be, be one’.
‘you can soon become indifferent to the seduction of song or dance or athletic displays if you resolve the melody into its several notes, and ask yourself of each one in turn, ‘is it this that I cannot resist?’ you will flinch from admiring it do the same to each movement or attitude of the dancers, and similarly with the athletes. In short, save in the case of virtue and its implications, always remember to go straight for the parts them selves, and by dissecting these achieve your disenchantment. And now, transfer this method to life as a whole’.

Maximus in the (Gladiator) was the general for Marcus the emperor and the philosopher.Hear we could touch the strength of the words by looking at this picture. Read and you will find the connection.
This is a series of books that is worth having,this is as i suppose. Meditations was the first book i read, now i have an other one.
start with Meditationd and you wont stop.