We have always been asked about our career and what we wanted to be when we grow up, the answer would always be a doctor, teacher, engineer, an astronomer, or in some cases the presidents of our countries. Now the case is different, because when I am asked that question, I would usually say I’m not quite sure, that was back in middle school. I was more positive and reasonable in high school especially after studying eleventh grade in the U.S as an exchange student, so my answer would be something related to international studies, which lead me to be a student of business at the university. However, and to say the truth, after I had graduated my only answer would be “I want to find a job and put my education into work and benefit from it”. I did work a bit before and after graduation in my field, and continued to follow up with the Institute for Development and studies (IDS), the place I did my internship. I did translation related to international finance and in the field of business in general, in addition to engaging in project proposal writing, and project implementation. My passion goes way beyond having a simple job, and this is not feeling better, rather a feeling of passion and will to serve my country. In my point of view that happens by reaching to high positions internationally.

             I have always lived to listen rather than speak, I watched and I kept in mind, a strategy I have adapted after touching its benefits, a way that enables its adapter to avoid falling, and I believe this is something positive for someone willing to be a student of international Affairs. My father took a scholarship to finish his PHD in the UK and there I learned, especially culture. Egypt is the neighbor that we have to pass to reach our destination, there I also learned. Best of which was an academic year in the US as a YES student, the (YES) is a scholarship granted by the US department of state and there I learned more than just culture. China was a turning point for me, as I went to represent Palestine as a swimmer, there was the school of economics, respect, management, environment, and much more. As if it was a teacher, the war on Gaza taught me public finance as I studied the subject in theory at my university. After all that I reached to a point where I started to read and write and as a result I blogged and still that was not enough so I decided to master International Affairs, that had always been a set goal for me.

                    My childhood and college life was not concentrated in one place like most people. That was the source that attracted my educational direction to international Affairs. My goal is to engage in a professional masters of Public Policy or (Political Science) and international affairs program with professional educators that engage in decision making regarding international affairs themselves, or those aware of real reasons behind decisions made that effect the whole world. I personally believe that my benefit to the community will be great when graduating with Masters and after that holding a PHD where my educational journey will not stop. I am a 2012 Fulbright nominee and this program will take me to the USA where I will get my Masters. I believe that the United States is the center and the main international Player and decision maker in the world. To me this education has to be as simple as (if you want to do pilgrimage you go to Makah, and you might as well study international Affairs in the US). I believe that the place of education has relation to type of education.

            My future is in Gaza. As people always say that there is no future in Gaza, I always tell myself “if that’s true, knowing it’s not, I will build a future in Gaza for myself”. Living with a big dream implies being patient, and moving forward step by step with concentration. I have once been to Pennsylvania; I think returning back to the same place for the same mission will be another success story for me to talk about.