Men with patience and insistence find their way, they could simply survive. A patient man is one with strategy. In my terms that’s for granted and every rule has its limitations. People have common sense, it is only a matter of having a sense of meditations to realize that. “I am so wise”, people clime that to be true about themselves and we blaming anyone would be unwise. The secret for Blanchard & Miller made sense, Common sense for Pain was painful, Meditations for Marcuse was thoughtful and patient, no comment on Darwin’s One Natural Selection, Pappe wrote The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine and he is Jewish, Robert Fisk and the War For Civilization recorded history from his perspective, Darweesh’s chosen’s were patriotic, those and much more were books I read but the donkey ride was something else.        

            A patient man sitting on the shot gun chair right next to the driver “the donkey driver of course” has the chance to meditate and use common sense with the donkey driver “the first man to smell and see behind releases”. After I have realized common sense in me I remembered the donkey ride while meditating the unhealthy international relations in the world. “I would love to select” everyone wants to do so and no matter the power nations reach to, natures selection remains the most powerful. They were powerful inside, Martin Luther King, Gandhi,  and Nelson Mandela (Rolihlahla); I realized that while reading their bibliography and again the donkey ride was even better.

            Making no sense while speaking about common sense doesn’t seem healthy, only a patient man could understand. Delivering a message from a language to another in its simplest forms is translation. I would recommend that you try to understand international relations by simply asking the donkey driver. A wise man would start learning the alphabets of a new language first, then build words, and then make sentences might he make sense. An ordinary citizen sitting on the couch in his living room watching the news in any country you choose would most likely think that the gust is speaking bull shit. Therefore, the gust is unhealthy because he is senseless, that is from peoples perspective. If the donkey driver was the gust people out there would have understood, that makes sense because the so called intelligent was senseless.  

            Apart from the nonsense up there although it is common sense, here is the donkey ride story. In Gaza the Taxi driver picks passengers from the road side and each passenger pays for his single seat in the taxi, that is how it simply works. During rush hours a passenger would have to wait sometimes up to thirty minutes. If you are in a place where no active movement exists you might as well walk. Yes, in Gaza there are places with no active movement although Gaza is the smallest spot in the world with most population but that is not the point. I was once on the Street side stopping a taxi, I had only waited for five minutes and I am not in a hurry when a cart pulled by a donkey passed me. The donkey driver was a man with an un shaved spiky beard and a wearied hat on his head. As the donkey walked across me the man looked at me and proposed to give me a ride, my immediate reaction was “no thank you”. It was night time, a bit cold, and the car movement decreased and with the man insisting I rode shot gun. My head started to pick up thoughts, I first thought the man wanted company since the ride will take him 20 minutes then I hoped I waited for another five minutes and saved time but anyway it matters less now since I’m on board. He spoke all the way. Men like him would want to prove intelligence to a man like me “well dressed”, that is from their perspective, although, how a man dresses has nothing to do with intelligence.  Half way he asked me how much I pay from where he picked me to my destination, I told him two NIS and our talk continued. Minutes before I arrive he told me that he has no change so if I didn’t have exactly two NIS I would have to go get change so I went brought two drinks and gave the man two NIS and I paid four NIS to the shop keeper so overall it cost me six NIS.

            Simplicity is a treasure, patience is a treasure, complication is bull waste, and politics is the art of lying. He first offered a ride so the first thing that come to mind was “he wanted company”. He didn’t do me a favor because I paid triple the price, spent triple the time, suffered triple the cold, and he was in a win win win position “the donkey driver”.  People are all about interest, and international relations are all about common interest, Naomi Chomsky said that to me while replying to a question I asked during a video conference. I got off the cart and my back was hurting because I sat on a board not a chair, as I walked across the street I turned around and the man looked me in the eye and smiles that smile meaning (I fooled you). He is a man of strategy in its most simple forms. The details of a complicated issue may not be understood but the main point is clear to all people, even to the “donkey driver”. If someone understands more it is simply because they know more details.

            Starting with patience and insistence, made me think about ending with silence and intelligence for the exact same reason, survival. All kind of people survive, the patient, the angry, the wise, the stubborn, the ethical, the selfish, the poor, the random, and the silent. Some survive low, other survive proud. The donkey driver in your terms could be a low survivor but I would give a chance of proud survival for a wise man. From peoples perspective high and low does not matter because people are the worst judges especially those that have no sense of meditations. If you are able to break down an equation to look at the basic components “not in chemistry, but in life generally”, you are a wise man if you could meditate and explain the complication of that equation to the donkey driver that understands the main broad idea. Most important “don’t let the donkey driver fool you”.